Jewish Expulsions and Exiles


If jews had been exiled, expelled, or otherwise done away with by one or two countries, you could possibly make a case for this fable of “anti-semitism” or that maybe just certain people had a problem with the jews. However, when it gets to the point that you have a list of 109 different…

BREAKING: Ebola Diagnosis Confirmed in Dallas, Texas


BREAKING: Ebola Diagnosis Confirmed in Dallas, Texas

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed that a patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, who was exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms, has indeed tested positive for the disease. This may be the first carrier of the disease that has, until yesterday, been interacting and possibly infecting people in our country.


A male patient who had recently traveled to West…

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"Forging... shells" Aren't they just stamped?

They are considered forged because the parts are heated up on an inductor forge to 2200oF then pressed twice in seperate dies on a avalanche press. I think smaller rounds are stamped like 9mm an such.